A world renowned data centre consultancy with over 20 years experience

Migration Solutions is the world’s leading Data Centre Audit, Operations and Migration specialist.

Highly experienced in data centre design, operations , management and migration, we offer an extensive portfolio of services specifically designed to provide clients and their stakeholders with expert third party opinion and advice on data centre efficiency, effectiveness and overall management.

From data centre energy audits to third party due diligence, facility management and migration planning, our highly experienced team effectively evaluate and assess risk, cost and process and offer expert advice and solutions based on your individual requirements.

The result is always increased efficiencies, decreased cost and full risk mitigation whatever the nature of your project.

Data Centre Audit

With over 20 years experience we can give you the best advice for your business. Is your Data Centre or Computer Room operating as efficiently as it could be? Do you have problems with your computer room operation? Are you buildinga data centre and need advice?

Data Centre Operations

Ensuring that the data centre supporting your critical IT infrastructure is ‘fit for purpose’ is key to ensuring that you are able to deliver the IT service that your business demands.

Data Centre Migration

Our favourable location also adds to our commitment to security as our data centres are nowhere near a place that is at risk from being a terrorist target, yet we still have the constant connectivity needed for the superior service we promise.

Risk Management & Mitigation

Before any relocation project begins, it is essential that risk management and mitigation is in place.

Migration Planning

Is it important to you to know the standards that the data centre is accredited to?

Passport Scheme

The ‘passport scheme’ is designed to deliver a fully documented environment that can be used as the basis of a CMDB

Site Readiness

You need the site to which you are moving to be both ready now and advanced enough to accommodate the future needs of your business

10 Data Centre Migration Facts

10 things you might like to know about Data Centre Migration

Improve your data centre efficiency with the EU Code of Conduct

If you would like to become one of the growing number of organisations that are Participants in the EU Code of Conduct, MigSolv can help.

EU Code of Conduct

Some of our satisfied customers

Cambridge Assessment









“…I would like to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of Cambridge Assessment and The University of Cambridge for providing an excellent suite of documents in readiness for our new Data Centre to gear-up as a fully operational and class-leading facility…”

Tony Collins | Cambridge Assessment

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